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Sunday School begins September 7

  • All classes learn the same Bible lessons on the same Sundays in age-appropriate ways.
  • Comprehensive curriculum teaches key lessons from the entire Bible over the course of three years: Old Testament every Fall and New Testament every Winter & Spring.
  • Child-focused lessons include music, crafts, stories, games, skits and mission projects in an effort to appeal to diverse learning styles.
  • Home Connect handouts reinforce Bible learning at home.
  • Teachers work in teams and receive special annual training, continuing education opportunities and fellowship events.


Our Children’s Ministry team carefully selected Group Publishing’s FaithWeaver curriculum in 2004. We have been thrilled with the quality of the lessons and how effectively they reach and teach our children. The following is a brief summary from Group describing some of the best features of FaithWeaver.

With FaithWeaver, every child in Sunday school studies the same Bible lesson on the same day from different age-appropriate viewpoints. In Sunday school. FaithWeaver is more than just learning Bible facts. It’s understanding and applying God’s Word to everyday life. Designed for use in Sunday school, FaithWeaver™ Bible curriculum concentrates on authentic learning education, and every activity has a purpose in encouraging faith growth. Infants through 6th graders cover the same Bible story, learning about it and applying it at appropriate levels for all age groupings. Children experience the Bible stories and apply the principles in ways that they won’t soon forget.

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Enrollment Requirements

Any children, from 4 year olds to 8th graders, may begin Sunday school any Sunday. Teachers have registration forms available in their classrooms so that we can keep accurate records and make sure we are aware of any special needs or allergies your child may have.  It is always our goal to make every child feel safe, loved and welcomed into our classrooms. If there are any special accommodations your child needs to comfortably participate in class, please inform their teachers and the Children's Ministries Elder.


In order to acknowledge their graduation from Sunday school and encourage a life of spiritual growth, the Children's Ministry Team will present Bibles to all current 6th graders attending Sunday School during a worship service in April. Students will receive the same Bible (type and translation) used in Zoo and Graceland.


Do you have a heart for children? The Children's Ministry Team at First Pres offers many opportunities to serve. It takes many committed people to realize our mission to teach, nurture and show Christ's love to each child in our care. The benefits are priceless. Our volunteers develop lasting relationships with children and their parents, learn and grow in faith, and have fun doing it. The following is a brief description of our volunteer needs for Sunday school.

Teachers & Assistants: Teach weekly Bible lessons to children using crafts, drama, games, reading and other learning tools appropriate for the grade-level being taught.

Necessary skills & requirements: A love for God and children, patience, creativity, enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things. Also, those wishing to teach must complete an application form, meet with the elder, and agree to a background check. Teachers must attend training in late August or early September before the school year begins. Ongoing conferences and training opportunities may be offered during the year but are not mandatory.

Not required: Previous experience teaching Sunday school (we will train & support you!), Bible expertise (our curriculum is very thorough and you will be learning along with your students), perfect attendance every Sunday (you share duties with a team of teachers,).

Length of commitment: One school year (September to Memorial Day Weekend).

How often? Teachers are part of a team of 3-4 adults. Each team works out its own schedule. Some teachers lead class 1-2 Sundays per month, others teach alternate months. At least 2 teachers (or 1 teacher & one or more assistants) are in the room every Sunday.