FPC's Network 56

Network 56 is a group of 5th and 6th graders who hang out together to have fun, serve, and surround themselves with healthy encouraging friendships.  They also eat lots of frozen yogurt!  ***15 kids attended the Kick-off on Nov 5--lots of fun and room for everyone to participate in future events***  They also planned presentations on "giving," which they presetned in the young kids classrooms the following Sunday.  Kids learning from other kid about giving had extra special meaning.  They did great!!
• All 5th and 6th grade students are welcome to attend Network 56 events at any time. Interested participants are notified in advance of each event.
• Past fellowship activities have included sledding, swimming, mini-golf, and bowling. Service projects have involved collecting donations for the Waunakee Food Pantry, fundraising for the Humane Society, and making 3D snowflakes to raise money for a good cause chosen by our students.
• All events are chaperoned by parents.  See dates listed below.  Contact Debby Ochoa, Network 56 Coordinator, or Lori Phelps, Director of Children & Family Ministries, to learn more.
Network 56 “Christmas Gifts” Fundraiser Prep, Sunday, December 17, 11:45-1:45pm (lunch provided): Come build a washing machine with us! (Yes, you read that right.) Or make our snowy Christmas crafts, which we will be selling (we’ll provide the snow). All 5th and 6th graders are invited to the next Network 56 gathering on Sunday, November 17 from 11:45-1:45pm downstairs in Fellowship Hall.  Pizza lunch will be provided and we will prepare our fundraising items which we will sell at the Children’s Nativity Service on December 23.
Network 56 “Christmas Gifts” Fundraiser, Saturday, December 23, 3:30-5:00pmSell the created items to members and guests who come to the Children’s Nativity Service supporting one of Network 56's chosen charity.
Network 56 Valentines Day Fundraiser Prep, Saturday, February 10, time TBD at FPCCreate items to sell for our Valentine’s Day Fundraiser supporting one of Network 56's chosen charity.                                             
Network 56 Valentines Day Fundraiser, Sunday, February 11, 8:15am-12:00pm: Sell Valentine’s Day items to the congregation and guests attending worship services supporting one of Network 56's chosen charity.