Have an End of Life Plan (H.E.L.P.)


The Deacons at FPC are proud to share two resources that make up H.E.L.P— “Having an End of Life Plan.”  The first form, Planning Your Funeral or Memorial Service, is a place to document your wishes for your service, including favorite hymns to be sung, scriptures to be read, pastors to officiate, and persons to speak. This form should be filled out and brought to the church office, where a copy will be made and kept by the church staff. At the time of passing, a family member would contact FPC, and with support from the Pastor, your wishes could be implemented. We, as Deacons, feel this is a way to support the family at a crucial time and to make these days a little less burdensome. 

The second form, HELP Worksheet, “is a tool to assist you in consolidating pertinent information and locations of needed documents.” Think of this as an organizer to let persons involved in your care know where important information can be found. This form would not be “housed” at church, but could be kept in a safety deposit box or file. Both of these forms are available at the Deacon Station in the Connection Center, or you may click on links below to print them now. If you have any questions regarding either form, please contact a Deacon.


Planning Your Funeral or Memorial Service

HELP Worksheet