"And you shall be My witnesses--in Judaea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth."   Acts 1:7

Mission work is a vital function of FPC, directly supported by the time, talent, and treasure of members and friends. The FPC family of faith supports over 30 unique mission ministries locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.  For a complete list of ways to help FPC share the Christ's Love as the hands and feet of His church, click on the link at the bottom of this page.  Otherewise, continue reading to see how FPC is living faith together with others:

FPC & Outreach for World Hope – Guatemala:  FPC continues its ten-year relationship with Outreach for World Hope, a Dane County based ministry that focuses on eradicating child malnutrition.  More than 150 FPC members have traveled with OWH, and more than 50 families in our congreagation sponsor malnourished children through their program. On January 11-16, twelve people from FPC  joined the OWH mission trip to Jocotan, Guatemala. This was FPC's thirteenth trip with OWH. In total, 35 people traveled to Jocotan in Chiquimula State near the Honduran border and served the people in the mountain village of Guareruche (4,000-5,000 feet elevation). We participated in three days of medical clinics and distribution of lifesaving water filters, Bibles, toys, and other donated items.  Team members also traveled to home sites to install fuel-efficient stoves and plant gardens and fruit trees for families in need. The team also took skirts that were crafted by members and friends of FPC. The FPC Mission Ministry Team helped participants with financial gifts towards the cost of the trip and for many of the supplies.  FPC is a tithing congregation and dedicates at least 10% towards Mission. We ask everyone to pray for the people of Guareruche, for the OWH ministry, and the work its team members are accomplishing in serving the people of Guatemala.





What happens on a typical international mission trip? A medical clinic and distribution are held two of the three days, which provides opportunities to help malnourished children/families and bless them with basic items.  We have started distributing water filters to each family; these help to eliminate the pervasive parasite/worms issue that contributes greatly to malnutrition.  We also plant vegetable gardens and avocado/orange/lime trees to help idenitified-families with their nutritional needs.  Installation of fuel-efficient stoves is another life-saving activity that we do to aid open-fire cook stoves inside their homes.

There are activities for many different interests, including the organizational activities of the donated items we bring along to bless the people of Guatemala, plus so many others for all participants.  If you sponsor a child, you'll have an opportunity to meet your child and family in person as they participate in their monthly food distribution.  Sponsorships are available through our partner Outreach for World Hope.

Soar Kenya Academy - FPC Members go as Missionaries in the Field
Sue T. and Mary Ann P. recently returned from Kenya, where they worked to help rehabilitate children through the Mully Children’s Family. The Mully Children’s Family takes in orphaned, abused, abandoned, neglected and desperate children and gives them hope through education and teaching them to know and love God. Sue and Mary Ann then extended their mission trip with a visit to SOAR Kenya Academy, which has a Waunakee connection.  Don Hoffman, Waunakee area resident, served there in the Peace Corps years ago and helped found SOAR Kenya which has built schools and libraries to serve the Kenyans. The Waunakee Rotary Club has sponsored several SOAR Kenya projects.

Dear friends of Soar Kenya Academy
We hope and believe that you had a wonderful Christmas  celebration full  joy and of God's blessings.
Construction of our new classrooms has been going on very well. We have finished walling after we received generous donations from [FPC] Presbyterian church and Sue Truitt from US, and Henny Niessen and her family members from German.
Be blessed and thank you for your continued support!
Wycliff Bible Translators - February 25, 2018, FPC hosted the Williamson family during worship.  The Williamson's are Wycliff Bible Translators sponsored by FPC.
Concerned about those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma? Click here PDA - Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to learn where your gifts are making a difference for your neighbors in the United States. On Wednesday September 6th, the Category 5 Irma, packing winds of 185 mph, tore through the northern Lesser Antilles and Virgin Islands, as well as Puerto Rico. PDA has been in constant communication with communities in its path, including the leadership of the Synod of Boriquen (Puerto Rico) and the Presbyteries of San Juan, Noroeste (Northwest) and Suroeste (Southwest). PDA is also in touch with the Florida Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Network (FLAPDAN), which is a mutually agreed upon partnership between six presbyteries in Florida. This is a unique platform in which PDA can relate to all six presbyteries at once for disaster situational awareness. Gifts can be designated to DR000194-Irma. Click HERE to give online, and click HERE for other giving information (e.g. where to mail checks and how to give via phone).

FPC supported Pastor Kirk Morlegde as he extended the ministry, mission, and outreach of FPC by serving as a Chaplain in the United States Naval Reserve for over 25 years, providing a ministry of presence, counsel, and compassion to the young men and women who serve our country in uniform. As a Chaplain on reserve, Pastor Kirk was subject to mobilization for active service upon order of the President of the United States and/or the United States Congress. 

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